Shoulder Pain FAQ

Shoulder Pain FAQ’sby Dr. Reinarts

Shoulder pain may come and go, stay persistent or freeze your shoulder in place. You may know the reason why your shoulder hurts if you have been involved in an auto accident or have a sports injury, but in other cases, shoulder pain may appear on its own. Our Cool Springs and Franklin TN chiropractor, Dr. Jason Reinarts identifies the cause of your shoulder pain so he can provide the ideal chiropractic care plan for pain relief. Dr. Reinarts and the staff at Reinarts Family Chiropractic invite you to our holistic healing center to discover the ways our services work together to ease your shoulder discomfort and restore your range of motion.

Why Does my Shoulder Hurt?

Shoulder pain can be the result of many different conditions since the shoulder joint is complex. For example, your pain may be because of a dislocated shoulder in which the upper arm bone has come out of the shoulder joint during an impact injury. Shoulder pain also occurs when the tendons become inflamed or if the bursae sac, which typically cushions your shoulder, has been injured. Muscle injuries to your shoulder can result in a muscle tear or strain and overuse injuries to the joint are identified as sprains. A frozen shoulder occurs when the joint locks in place and you are limited in the ways you can move your shoulder and arm.

What Caused my Shoulder Pain?

An injury during sport play, at work or from an auto accident can hurt your shoulder and lead to pain. If your shoulder pain has lasted longer than a few weeks, we suggest you contact our chiropractic team for an evaluation. Shoulder pain and injuries happen when the joint is overused such as performing overhead tasks for an extended time period. Your shoulder is also affected if your spine is out of alignment and the muscles and joints are working harder to keep your movements strong. 

What can Chiropractic Care do for Shoulder Pain?

Dr. Reinarts evaluates your condition to determine why your shoulder hurts. Once our Franklin chiropractor has identified the reason, he puts together a care plan that may include services such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to properly position your spine and shoulder joint
  • Corrective exercises to improve muscle balance, strength and flexibility around the shoulder joint
  • Lifestyle changes to show you how to reduce shoulder pain throughout the day

Our care plan works together in an all-around approach so that your pain goes away quickly and permanently.

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