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Your Source for Franklin, Tennessee Back Pain Care

Acute or chronic back pain may make you feel as if the core of your body has turned against you. A debilitating ache or pain in this crucial area can rob you of your mobility and make everyday life an agonizing experience. If you need to get back to your normal existence, you may even be considering surgery -- but before you go that far, come to Reinarts Family Chiropractic. We can provide Franklin, Tennessee residents with non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical back pain care that really works.

back pain treatment from our chiropractor in franklin

Understanding That Ache in Your Back

That ache in your back could be coming from any of a variety of triggers. If you recently experienced an auto accident, workplace accident or sports mishap, you could be suffering the direct effects of that incident. Acute injuries may force vertebrae and vertebral joints out of their normal position. This is not only painful in and of itself, but it may also lead to herniated discs and other causes of nerve impingement -- potentially sending pain signals and other neurological symptoms throughout the body. Strained muscles and connective tissues can add to your misery.

But back pain is even more commonly associated with natural processes (and not-so-natural spinal imbalances) that occur over time. The discs between vertebrae, for instance, tend to dry out as they get older, and this causes them to shrink and flatten, reducing the space between the vertebrae and inflaming the joints that connect those vertebrae. Spinal arthritis can lead to spinal stenosis as bony overgrowth narrows the space inside the spinal canal. One vertebra may slide into an unnatural position above another, a painful problem called spondylolisthesis. A pinched sciatic nerve may cause low back pain in addition to other symptoms in the legs. Last but not least, any long-term spinal misalignment can strain the muscles and tendons, creating chronic pain and stiffness.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Other Treatment Options

While you may have no idea what's causing your back pain, it's logical to assume that correcting that underlying condition can help alleviate your symptoms. This is a much better approach than simply numbing the pain with drugs because you're actually restoring function as well as relieving pain on a long-term basis. A detailed evaluation by our Franklin chiropractor can pinpoint the source of your pain, allowing us to prescribe the right combination of natural, non-surgical treatment options, including:

• Chiropractic adjustment to correct your musculoskeletal balance, relieve nerve issues and restore normal joint function

• Massage therapy to relieve soft tissue, pain, inflammation and chronic tightness

• Physical therapy to rehabilitate an injured back or provide your back with new strength and flexibility

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