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Sciatica Treatment From Our Franklin Chiropractor

It can be both debilitating and unsettling to experience chronic pain, loss of sensation and/or muscle weakness in one of your lower extremities. One of the most common causes of these symptoms is a syndrome known as sciatica, in which the major nerve communicating between your brain and your leg is malfunctioning. The good news is that this condition can often be corrected through non-surgical means. Here at Reinarts Family Chiropractic, our Franklin chiropractor can prescribe spinal adjustment and other treatment methods to help you restore normal function and sensation in your affected limb.

sciatica pain relief from your chiropractor in franklin, TN

Sciatica: A Referred Pain Syndrome

Sciatica can be thought of as a syndrome because the term applies to a set of symptoms produced by an underlying biomechanical problem -- impingement of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is an enormous nerve connected to your spinal cord via a series of nerve roots at the lumbar and sacral levels of the spinal column. Every smaller nerve that relays motion commands and feelings throughout your leg and foot ultimately gets its instructions via the sciatic nerve. Unfortunately, this means that any interference with a sciatic nerve root can cause a host of odd issues in various parts of the lower back, buttock, leg or foot. Symptoms in the affected area include muscular weakness or instability, a recurring ache or pain, tingling sensations and/or numbness.

Sciatica is a surprisingly common problem. It can occur at any time of life if discs or other spinal structures are suddenly pushed onto the sciatic nerve roots, as may happen in an acute injury. But is also afflicts many people after the age of 30 due to subtle age-related changes (such as bulging discs), an untreated spinal misalignment, poor posture, obesity, or weakness in the muscles that support the spine.

Relieving That Ache, Tingling or Other Symptoms Through Chiropractic Adjustment

Pinched nerve tissue doesn't necessarily have to be treated surgically, even when that tissue involves such major structures and the sciatic nerve and its roots. Our Franklin chiropractic, Dr. Reinarts, can evaluate your spinal alignment, balance, medical history, and current symptoms to determine which sciatic nerve root is pinched and why. Armed with this knowledge, we can then prescribe chiropractic adjustment sessions to shift errant spinal structures, including bulging or herniated discs, away from the sciatic nerve tissue. This can alleviate the strange neurological symptoms you've been experiencing.

Our individualized sciatica care doesn't end with a chiropractic adjustment. We can also recommend corrective exercises to strengthen your muscles, allowing you to maintain a straighter posture and spinal alignment in the future. Massage therapy can also ease chronic tightness that might otherwise pull your spine out of alignment again.

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