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Neck Pain

Safe, Conservative Neck Pain Treatment for Cool Springs and Franklin, Tennessee

When your neck is killing you, you feel as if you can't do anything but focus on that insistent ache or pain. Whether you've sustained a serious whiplash injury or your neck muscles are in agony from a chronic strain, you know you have to do something. At the same time, however, you're probably intimidated by the thought of having a major surgical procedure on your cervical spine. That's why you need to make an appointment at Reinarts Family Chiropractic. We're your source for safe, effective, conservative neck pain treatment in Cool Springs and Franklin, Tennessee.

neck pain treatment from our cool springs chiropractor

Potential Threats to Your Neck's Well-Being

It's easy to forget that your neck includes part of your spine. The cervical spine runs from the shoulder blades up to the skull, surrounded by muscles and connective tissues that allow it to turn, twist and bend. But it's also the most exposed and vulnerable region of the spine -- and accidents do happen. One of the most common (and dreaded) acute neck injuries is whiplash, in which a sudden stop flings the head around forcefully enough to damage multiple neck structures. Vertebrae may be dislocated, muscles may tear, and discs may herniate to produce painful pinched nerves.

But what if you haven't been in an accident? that ache in your neck could be caused by degenerative conditions in the cervical spine, from bulging discs and osteoarthritis to cervical spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis. These conditions can all contribute to pain and stiffness in the neck. A chronic misalignment of the upper cervical spine may be putting some of your neck muscles under abnormal strain. You may even be the cause your neck pain without realizing it, thanks to poor postural practices that cause the head to droop, creating painful conditions such as "text neck."

Cervical Adjustment and Other Care From Our Franklin Chiropractor

Come to our Franklin chiropractor, Dr. Reinarts, for gentle, non-surgical neck care. An analysis of your cervical spinal alignment, symptoms, posture and other factors can guide us toward a personalized mix of treatment modalities for your particular problem. Cervical adjustment can correct the angle at which your head sits on your neck, relieving chronic strain; it can also correct injury-related alignment problems and neurological issues. By normalizing your cervical joint position, we can also reduce the pain and stiffness created by degenerative conditions.

If your neck's soft tissues could use some help, we're at your service there too. Tightness, spasms, and inflammation of the neck muscles can be treated through massage therapy, while physical therapy and lifestyle changes can help you regain and maintain a straight, healthy neck.

Life's Too Short for Neck Pain. Call Reinarts Family Chiropractic to Relieve Your Pain!

Life is too short to spend a big portion of yours suffering from neck pain. Make a big change for the better, starting today, by calling Reinarts Family Chiropractic at (615) 538-6061. We can put your neck back into useful, pain-free service!