Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment

Trying to go about your daily life while experiencing dull throbbing sensations and sharp jolts of agonizing pain in your lower backs can lead to feeling depressed. Luckily, for those living in Cool Springs and Franklin, TN, Chiropractor -Dr. Jason Reinarts understands the frustration of this problem and treats patients with compassionate care at our Reinarts Family Chiropractic facility.

What are common causes of lower back pain?

  • Lifting Heavy Items - Straining back muscles and the fibrous tissues of the lumbar area often accompany individuals who try to hoist heavy objects without using the proper position for lifting. This problem also can occur when core muscles are weak, from a vehicle collision, through rough contact sports or performing repetitive actions.
  • Stooping and Slouching - With a sedentary lifestyle and a term like “text neck”, it is not surprising that lower back pain is at an all-time high. Sitting for a long amount of time staring at our tech devices will lead to pressure on the lower vertebras.
  • Degenerative Diseases - Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis are two degenerative diseases, one affects the bones, making them porous for lack of calcium and can lead to fractures. The arthritic condition erodes the cartilage in the joints.
  • Extra Weight - Obesity or carrying extra pounds on your frame can put too much stress on the lower back muscles, which might lead to a herniated disc.

 What are some typical symptoms?  

  • Sudden sharp pains that can extend to your legs
  • Throbbing sensations that can radiate from your back to your feet
  • Stiffness or the incapacity to move about freely
  • Spasms irritating the nerves of the spine   

The medical professional collects information about your medical history and performs a physical exam to determine the nature of the injury.   

How Dr. Reinarts will use Chiropractic Care to evaluate and treat your injury

After getting the details about your injury, Dr. Reinarts will then perform a complete examination of your musculoskeletal structure. After determining the extent of your impairment, he will proceed with Chiropractic Care treatments.

This could involve an alignment to help bring equilibrium to the area. Massage therapy might be implemented to soothe tight muscles and ease the pangs. Physical therapy, consisting of gentle strengthening exercises may be suggested as well.            

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