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The terms “herniated” or “slipped” disc are common to our vocabularies when speaking about spinal injuries. Once you experience the excruciating pain associated with this condition, they take on a whole new meaning.

If you have been in an accident or somehow injured a disc in your mid, upper or lower back, the need for non-invasive care cannot be understated. At Reinarts Family Chiropractic in Franklin, Tennessee, our healthcare professionals help everyday people like you get the treatment, care and pain relief you deserve.

Disc Injury: Causes and Symptoms

Discs are the rubber-like tissues between the spine’s vertebrae. They act as shock absorbers to protect the small spinal bones from sustaining direct impacts and help our flexibility. Among the more common causes of disc injury is age-related wear on the body, lifting heavy objects, over-exertion, abrupt twisting, accidents, and genetics.

If members of your family have suffered disc injury and associated symptoms, early diagnosis and ongoing treatment can be a key to improved quality of life. And, the unique symptoms of a disc injury are often related to its location in the spine.

  • Upper Back Disc Injury: When you suffer a bulging or herniated disc in your neck, the pain generally trails down your arms, shoulder blades, causes headaches and inhibits neck movement.
  • Mid Back Disc Injury: For a slipped or protruding disc in the mid-region of the spine, symptoms may include tingling in the extremities, weakness, bladder or bowel dysfunction and even paralysis.
  • Lower Back Disc Injury: Impacted discs in the lower back are among the more common. Symptoms often include sharp, radiating pain running down the legs, loss of bowel and bladder control, and a chronic burning sensation.

Even the most modest of these symptoms should prompt you to have a thorough examination performed. Prompt treatment and care improve your chances of a speedy recovery.

Chiropractic Treatment and Care For Disc Injury

While you may have no idea what’s causing your back pain, it’s logical to assume that correcting that underlying condition can help alleviate your symptoms. This is a much better approach than simply numbing the pain with drugs because you’re actually restoring function as well as relieving pain on a long-term basis. A detailed evaluation by our Franklin chiropractor can pinpoint the source of your pain, allowing us to prescribe the right combination of natural, non-surgical treatment options, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to correct your musculoskeletal balance, relieve nerve issues and restore normal joint function
  • Massage therapy to relieve soft tissue, pain, inflammation and chronic tightness
  • Physical therapy to rehabilitate an injured back or provide your back with new strength and flexibility

Contact the Franklin Chiropractor for Disc Injury Relief

We work with our valued community members every day to help them recover from the chronic pain and diminished mobility caused by disc injuries. We sympathize with the pain and discomfort you are going through and are here to provide the treatment and care you deserve. Call Reinarts Family Chiropractic in Franklin, Tennessee, and schedule an appointment.

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