My Personal Experiences with Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches Treatment From Our Franklin, TN Chiropractor

We are a Franklin, TN Chiropractic office with over 16 years of experience in treating headaches. Tension headaches particularly bring many Franklin and Cool Springs Moms into our office. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache and cause mild, moderate or intense pain in your head, neck and behind your eyes. Tension headaches are often described as feeling like a tight band squeezing your forehead. Women are twice as likely to suffer from tension headaches as men.

My Personal Experience with Tension and Migraine Headaches

I grew up watching my Mom suffer from Tension and Migraine Headaches. Medicine would sometimes work, but it only covered up the symptoms. It never corrected the cause. Headaches are a terrible thing to live with on a regular basis. They rob you of so much joy, because you feel awful. You miss out on so many experiences either totally or partially because all you can focus on and think about is the pain and discomfort.

Like most of the United States, many of the patients that I see live and or work in the Franklin and Cool Springs area and spend a portion of their day driving and or sitting in front of and staring at a computer screen. Many of my Moms have to deal with the stress associated with taking care of children all day. All of these can be triggers for tension headaches. Other triggers include poor posture and emotional stress.

At-Home Remedies You Can Try to Relieve Your Pain

If you experience Tension Headaches here are a few things you can do yourself. Many of my patients don’t want to take medications, either prescription or over the counter because they’re concerned about side effects or problems caused by long term use. Start taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium does a good job at being a natural muscle relaxant. Take a hot bath or shower to relax your tense muscles and reduce emotional stress. Get up from sitting at your computer every 20 to 30 minutes to reduce eye strain and stretch tight muscles. Be mindful of your posture. Avoid slouching.

Chiropractic care is excellent in treating Tension Headaches. Chiropractic adjustments gently remove the stress and tension from the neck and head allowing the body to heal, become more stable and handle stress better. Chiropractic care addresses the underlying cause of the headaches, not just the symptoms. My Franklin, TN office is a go to for my patients when they’re experiencing any type of headache, but especially Tension Headaches because it is so effective.

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