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Most patients that present to my Franklin, TN Chiropractic office can’t put a finger on what happened to cause their Neck, Mid back and/or Low back pain. They report that it just started some time ago, but they don’t know what caused it. For many this is very frustrating. We live in a cause and effect society. If we hurt there needs to be a known cause. In my world the term for this type of pain/discomfort is an insidious onset.  The neck and or back pain just started without anything that the patient perceives should have caused it. Many patients that come to my office have an insidious onset of pain. Once we begin to dig deeper during the initial exam it is discovered that the things we do day in and day out have a big role to play in our pain.

Most new patients that visit my Franklin Chiropractic office are here due to micro traumas rather than macro traumas. It’s the little behaviors done every day that over a period of time have led to their complaint/symptom. A prime example of this is their postures at work and play. Ergonomic plays a huge role in spinal health. Most of my patients do a form of a job that requires a lot of time in the seated position, usually in front of a computer. That puts an incredible amount of pressure on their backs and necks. Then multiply this by five days a week for years on end and we have a huge problem. Prolonged sitting is such a problem in the United States that it’s becoming more common to hear the phrase “Prolonged sitting is the new smoking.” Think about that! They’re saying that sitting for long periods of time without moving is as bad as smoking!


Now we dive into the other aspect of my patients lives and that’s their postures when they’re not working. Many spend hours on end in the seated position on a couch watching TV or playing on a computer or cell phone. More pressure on the neck and back! Their poor spines can’t catch a break. Movement is a very important part of life. Humans were designed to move, not to be sedentary. When we’re not active enough our bodies begin to break down and a host of spinal and nervous system problems occur. Here are a few tips that I give my patients at my Franklin, TN Chiropractic office to help them with their neck pain, headaches, mid back and low back pain that results from their postures in their work and play environment.


  1. Get up every half hour. Just stand up and stretch for a minute. Get out of the seated position. Your spine will love you for it!
  2. Sit on a physio ball. It will cause movement in your low back as you sit on it.
  3. Get a sit/stand desk so you can alternate between the sitting and standing positions.
  4. Get Adjusted!

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