Chiropractic, Neck Pain and Text Neck

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Chiropractic, Neck Pain and Text Neck

One of the main complaints that brings new patients into my Franklin, TN Chiropractic office is neck pain. The complaint of neck pain doesn’t discriminate. I see it in my very young and very old patients alike. It’s such a common complaint that I wanted to take some time and discuss one of the major causes that I see contributing to neck pain. The cause I’m referring to is American’s use of hand held electronic devices, mainly cell phones. The term “text neck” is becoming very common and most people know exactly the posture that I’m talking about. That posture is the neck flexed forward so the person can look down at their cell phone. 

What is "Text Neck"?

The “text neck” posture is very harmful on the cervical curve. It causes strain on the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of the neck. The problem is not that people flex their necks forward occasionally. Many people spend a great deal of time in this posture. The result is neck pain. Many times, pain between the shoulder blades and headaches will also accompany the neck pain.  

My patients who live in Franklin, Cool Springs, Brentwood and the surrounding areas are no different than the rest of the United States. They live on their cell phones. Continuously looking down to either text, check social media or perform some other function on their phones takes a devastating toll on their necks. One of the most common structural changes I see regularly in my Chiropractic office is the reversal of the cervical cure. A normal cervical curve should have a cure that looks like the letter C. When that cure gets reversed it starts to curve the opposite direction looking more like the reversal of the letter C. From a structural standpoint this is incredibly harmful to the bones, discs and soft tissues of the neck. The cervical curve is designed the way it is to help support the weight of the head. When you get this reversal of the curve neck pain is sure to follow. 

Tips to help avoid "Text Neck"

A few tips that I give my Franklin, TN patients are:

  • Always be mindful of your posture. Think of yourself like a puppet with a string coming out of the top of your head. When the strings are loose the puppets posture collapses, but when the strings are taught proper posture is restored. Be like a puppet with tight strings.
  • Examine your work or study space. Make sure its ergonomically correct and supports your spinal health. You spend a majority of your time in these spaces, so make sure they aren’t creating a future neck problem for you.
  • A good cervical pillow that supports your neck curve is a must. We spend roughly one third of our lives in bed. Make sure that your pillow is properly supporting your neck.

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