What to Expect

  • What To Expect When You See Dr. Reinarts For The 1st Time

    During a patient’s first consultation with Dr. Reinarts, we will discuss current symptoms, the patient’s goals and expectations of chiropractic treatment, medical history, and perform a thorough physical evaluation with x-rays, if necessary. Dr. Reinarts will then work with the patient to develop a wellness plan aimed to treat the individual patient’s unique physical condition. Each patient’s treatment schedule and physical improvement will vary, but most patients experience relief from pain and improved symptoms immediately following their first adjustments.

  • Is Chiropractic Care Right for You? Call Us Now.

    In addition to providing state of the art care at Reinarts Family Chiropractic, we also focus on building a community around wellness. On our website and through our office, we provide health resources and like to begin conversations about wellness.

    We invite you to join our community. If you suffer from inflammation, chronic pain, or acute pain due to an injury or physical condition, then we encourage you to learn more about our Franklin chiropractic services.

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